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what we offer


Overall, Bluemont Engineering is a versatile company that combines expertise in oil filtration, equipment hiring, consultancy, and filter supply, catering to the diverse needs of their clients in the engineering and industrial sectors.

our values and mission

We Master the Art Of:

Oil Filtration

We specialize in oil filtration services, helping to remove contaminants and impurities from various types of oils. Our advanced and smart filtration techniques & Products to ensure the cleanliness and quality of oil, promoting optimal performance and longevity of engines and machinery.

Equipment Hiring

We provide equipment hiring services, allowing businesses and individuals to rent a wide range of machinery and tools for their specific needs. Whether it's heavy machinery for construction projects or specialized equipment for industrial purposes, Bluemont Engineering offers flexible rental options.

Supply of Filters for all manner of engines

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We supply high-quality filters for engines of all types and sizes. Whether it's automotive engines, industrial machinery, or power generators, they offer a comprehensive range of filters to ensure optimal performance and protect critical components from harmful contaminants.