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We deal in heavy duty,
Spare parts & machinery replacements.

We are a major importer and supplier of Donaldson & Baldwin filters as well as machine parts of various and well known manufacturing companies

Check out some of our Donaldson
Smart filtration products.

8 Filter Smart ST Manifold

Our innovative Smart Manifolds are designed for industry leading high flow & dirt holding capacity configurations
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12 Filter Smart ST Manifold

Donaldson’s proven spin-on technology also makes our manifolds extremely easy to service without the need of specialised tools and personnel.
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Smart Filtration cast aluminium Filter Heads with steel inserts prevent excessive metal-to-metal friction and adhesion between the head and the filter..
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Smart Tank Breather contains Donaldson’s revolutionary T.R.A.P.™ (Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection) Technology that reduces the risk of dust and moisture entering storage tanks through the vent while allowing high flow rates of fluid into and out of the tank..
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