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Smart Tank Breather contains Donaldson’s revolutionary T.R.A.P.™
(Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection) Technology that reduces the
risk of dust and moisture entering storage tanks through the vent while
allowing high flow rates of fluid into and out of the tank..

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Technical Specs:
Airflow: 500 gpm/1893 lpm
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 66°C
Outer Diameter: 6.50 Inches (165 MM)
Thread Size: 1 1/2 NPT
Length: 8.66 Inches (220 MM)
Manufacturer: Donaldson Company, Inc.
Country of Origin: South Africa
Gross Weight in Kilograms: 1.42

Smart Tank Breather Hardware (sold separately)
Overfill safety check valve Air flow restriction indicator

Thread Size: 1 1/2 NPT Thread on Adaptor
Country of Origin: China
Gross Weight in Kilograms: 0.50

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